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Please use the contact form or our contact details below to contact us should you have any queries with regards to the Naturelle Fibre product range or your specific order. Please, provide us with as much as  much information as possible with regards to your query so that we can respond quickly.

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 63 Johnston Street, Sunnyside Pretoria.

About Naturelle Fibre

Who we are and what we do


Naturelle Fibre was established in 2013. The Joburg based label creates unique garments for people who want their African pride to be represented every day through functional clothing. The label wishes to manifest African excellence and aims to tell the story of the contemporary African experience.
The clothes are edgy essentials with comfort, fit and distinctiveness being the most important considerations. Always about that one definitive feature that takes each garment to the next level, the garments incorporate the quirk of pockets, strings, prints and angular necklines. The vibrant fabrics are a mix of Chitenge, Ankara and Kapulana prints and cotton panels that are sourced everywhere from Johannesburg to Kigali.


The founder Sara Chitambo studied Media and Film studies and has always had a keen eye for design and African aesthetics. Reflecting on the journey to fashion design she says “
I grew up watching my mom sew curtains and shoe racks from printed fabrics. Our house was very colourful. When I was 17 I started having clothes made by a fashion student and then later by a tailor because I felt my taste was not being met by department stores. The question I’ve been asked the most my entire life is “where did you get that?” The answer increasing became “I had it made.” So the decision to start designing clothing that was an expansion of my own wardrobe was very organic.”